In effort to provide space for ongoing support, I am offering virtual consultations through a privacy enhanced and HIPPA complaint platform.

Working with you, whether a new or current patient, via Telehealth, will allow me to continue supporting your health needs & goals. Please know that I am still here for you and there is much we can do during this time. 

If you wish to receive support for fertility, hormonal balance, immunity, stress, pregnancy, or post-partum care, or are experiencing high anxiety, depression, sleep issues or digestive issues, I am here to offer my guidance and expertise with herbal remedies, supplements, dietary and lifestyle support, and guided acupressure.



Chinese herbal medicine is effectively being utilized throughout the country and abroad in treating the many presentations and stages of this virus. If you are experiencing symptoms of cold/flu or potential virus, please reach out and take advantage of my knowledge to help you or a loved one address this quickly. I can support you with specific protocols and counseling to hopefully offset the severity and also aid in recovery. Herbs and supplements are becoming much more readily available and can be shipped to you directly. 



The term Tele Health has been popping up everywhere as all forms of care givers and health providers have had to make the shift to virtual support. Telehealth or telemedicine refers to the practice of using telecommunications technology to evaluate, diagnose and care for patients at a distance. There are great benefits as telehealth sessions allow you to seamlessly continue with your health and wellness goals during this time of social distancing.

There is some really amazing research! With regards to quality of care and clinical efficacy, 80% of people in a Canadian study said a virtual visit was as helpful as in person. Another study looked at the effect of eye contact (even virtual) on the brain and found that there was incredible oxytocin release. We know oxytocin is so important in stress coping as it promotes feelings of joy, calm, and well-being, and particularly for women has a balancing effect on hormones and the reproductive tract, especially during pregnancy and post partum!



Much like in our office visits, we will be discussing your current health state physically, mentally and emotionally. As many of you experience on a regular basis with me, much of our appointment time in person is dedicated to dialogue. I am here for you not only for problem solving, but listening and holding space for the emotions and frustrations of things we may not be able to solve right away. Virtual visits, much like in person, offer the wonderful benefit of allowing for an active conversation without many distractions around.

We still discuss helpful additions or adjustments to support your health needs such as herbal formulas or supplements, nutrition and lifestyle.

Other Special Offerings: 

    • Guided Acupressure - I will teach you a set of points specific to your health constitution and needs and how to utilize them on your body.
    • Moxa, Magnets, and Ear Seeds - These can be shipped to you for home use on many of the acu points. 

The important thing to remember is this is a true partnership and this unique moment affords us an opportunity for empowering you with new tools for your self care and taking ownership of your health!



  • You want to set up your environment with good lighting, a quiet and distraction free zone, and your camera set so we can clearly see each other.
  • As we will likely be doing some acupressure demonstration, make sure you have a little space to move around if you need to.
  • Test your webcam and microphone beforehand so everything is ready an operating.
  • You will have a link in your appointment confirmation email that takes into into a private, HIPPA compliant platform where we will meet.



I am committed to us connecting and doing our healing work together, even if for now that’s from the comfort of our living rooms. I recognize this is a new format of care for many of you and that you may have questions, so please feel free to call or email me anytime.

You can schedule by contacting emailing me directly at or text to 917.768.4662




I was so excited to learn about the virtual visits that Klara was offering. Now more than ever I am worried about my immune system. I felt her calming spirit even though we were miles apart. I’m excited to use the herbs and vitamins she is sending me. She definitely improved my outlook during these uncertain times.

⁃ Tanika