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I've had a lot of acupuncture over the years with different practitioners, but my experience with Klara was unparalleled. Klara makes you feel immediately comfortable with her calm, professional, and cheerful demeanor. Her years of experience show and her natural listening and healing abilities are evident. 


Her kind, calm, and understanding nature is absolutely unmatched, and I look forward to each and every visit with her knowing that I will leave feeling so much better.


When I am in her office, she devotes as much time to me as I need and I never feel as though I am just another patient in her practice.


Klara's skill as a practitioner is deeply enhanced by her gifts is a healer. She is intuitive, curious and nurturing. I leave my sessions feeling peaceful, clear, supported and truly cared for.


I cannot recommend Klara highly enough for her skill and knowledge as well as for her warm and empathetic nature.


Klara's empathy and understanding of the medicine are just two attributes that set her apart. I hadn't realized how ill I had felt until I began to feel remarkably more like myself again.


I'm very grateful for the wonderful healing world I stumbled upon with Klara, I couldn't be happier, or healthier!


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ACUPUNCTURE In-person acupuncture sessions provide ongoing care and support, including evaluating progress, addressing questions or concerns, adjustments to our treatment plan, continued lifestyle and dietary coaching, stress management, and of course hands on acupuncture customized to your needs. 

FERTILITY COACHING Whether in person or through virtual sessions, you will receive ongoing care with a personalized plan and integrative approach to nutrition, supplements, herbs, and lifestyle, with recommendations geared toward optimizing ovarian health, hormone balance, and reproductive wellness. Through a continued focus on emotional support, guidance in tracking your cycle and identifying your ovation patterns, much of the mystery and frustration around trying to conceive (TTC) can be resolved to ease the journey to conception. For those undergoing ART treatment, support is tailored to your unique cycle and journey.

VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS Virtual sessions provide ongoing care with specific and customized recommendations for diet & nutrition, lifestyle factors, stress management, supplements, and herbs to optimize your health and well-being.

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