I've had a lot of acupuncture over the years with different practitioners, but my experience with Klara was unparalleled. She has magic in her hands - a magic I strongly believe led to my most heartfelt desire after one visit- my pregnancy after years of trying and many many Western medical interventions. Klara makes you feel immediately comfortable with her calm, professional, and cheerful demeanor. Her years of experience show and her natural listening and healing abilities are evident. Every time I've gone to see Klara, I've left feeling like a new person, whether from jaw pain and headaches or hormonal imbalance. She's tapped into something larger and I've been lucky enough to feel that more than once.I absolutely couldn't recommend Klara more! - Megan

Klara treated me every step of the way throughout my 4 year fertility treatment. Her compassion and advice helped get me through the many highs and lows of IVF. Her deep understanding of the IVF process, infertility disgnoses, treatments, and alternative therapies was so useful. Klara became my trusted guide and sounding board during what was a long and frustrating journey. She was an invaluable member of my fertility team. After we achieved our goal, I returned to Klara in my third trimester for pregnancy support and labor preparation. I cannot recommend Klara highly enough for her skill and knowledge as well as for her warm and empathetic nature. - Catherine

I have been working with Klara for nearly a year now and I feel so lucky to have found such a gem. Klara has helped me through the worst year of my life, during which time I suffered from difficulty conceiving and multiple miscarriages. I don't know how I would have made it through some of those weeks without her. I believe that Klara is an excellent practitioner; I always leave treatment feeling relaxed and rejuvenated - she soothes and then recharges me for the week! Though she practices from an eastern medicine standpoint, she is also incredibly knowledgeable about western medicine. The information that she provides is entirely consistent with what my doctors tell me, and when she is not certain of something, she researches comprehensively and consistently follows up. Most importantly, Klara is extremely warm, kind, and patient. When I am in her office, she devotes as much time to me as I need and I never feel as though I am just another patient in her practice. I am so grateful to Klara and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking alternative treatment for any condition.  - Sophia

Klara is a skilled clinician who takes the time to understand and address her patients' needs. She is a fount of knowledge and has been essential to helping me achieve and maintain better health. - Nicole

I could not be happier with my experience with Klara. As someone who has struggled with a variety of health problems in the past, I have tried over twenty different acupuncturists. No one is as skilled, dedicated, or caring as Klara. I typically get sick often and easily during the winter, but with Klara working on immune support each week, I only got sick once, and it was much milder than usual. We did an extra session, and it cleared up without antibiotics. She makes you feel incredibly safe and cared for. Klara’s knowledge is so extensive, and within seconds of her placing a needle, I feel relief. Additionally, she remembers details that I don’t even remember telling her, and she takes extensive notes on your case. She has also made herself available over email when I needed her, even on the weekend. I am deeply thankful for our work together. I should also mention that she has greatly helped with digestive issues and muscular pain in incurable ways too. Her office is like an urban zen oasis, and I wish I could sit in the tranquil, light and plant-filled space all day. - Meghan 

Klara's skill as a practitioner is deeply enhanced by her gifts is a healer. She is intuitive, curious and nurturing. I leave my sessions feeling peaceful, clear, supported and truly cared for. I'm often surprised at the details she recalls from past sessions. The result being, I truly feel understood. The commitment she shows is a rare comfort and I feel so lucky to have found her! - Jessica 

I have had imbalanced hormones and heavy, irregular, periods all my life. But things really reached a tipping point when I started breaking out with cystic acne around my mouth and jawline. Every doctor I visited suggested birth control - but something about taking hormones to cover up the issues just seemed so wrong. In 2015 I found Klara and she quite literally changed my life. To make a very long story short, within a few months of regular visits she had completely regulated my cycle and cleared my skin. Over the years she has continued to help regulate my hormones, and has also treated me for everything from stomach issues, to anxiety and seasonal allergies. Her kind, calm, and understanding nature is absolutely unmatched, and I look forward to each and every visit with her knowing that I will leave feeling so much better. If you are debating trying acupuncture for the first time, or looking to find someone new, I promise you will be in good hands with Klara. - Sasha

 I came to Klara few years ago because I had just stopped taking birth control pills and knew that my PCOS could start again. Additionally, I knew I wanted to get pregnant in the next 12-24 months. Klara expertise was key to getting my hormones balanced in a natural way. After 8 months of treatment my hormones were in order and I was able to get pregnant in the first month I tried. I have recommended her ever since! - Daniela

 Klara's empathy and understanding of the medicine are just two attributes that set her apart. I hadn't realized how ill I had felt until I began to feel remarkably more like myself again. - Molly

I was suffering from terrible joint pain due to arthritis and in just one visit, I had relief that I hadn't felt in years. Maintaining my wellness through her practice has been amazing. She works on issues as they arise as well as long term therapy. I'm very grateful for the wonderful healing world I stumbled upon with Klara, I couldn't be happier, or healthier! - Martha