Completely Natural - and 100% Effective (so far)

Pelvic Pain Salve

Help yourself! And help others to find relief from pelvic pain due to PCOS, endometriosis or painful periods!

100% natural and so far, 100% effective! Please join us in helping get this revolutionary topical pain salve onto the pelvises of those who need it! Let's see if we can keep our 100% success rate!

The History and Mission:

1. How did you come to discover this as a problem needing solution that has yet to be attended to properly(...after a decade of practicing...) Communicate your compassion towards your patients and the obvious need to help them, which lead to this as a posibility to help woman-like in general.

2. How it began... experimenting with traditonal methods, wanting to make a topical treatment.

3. How long you've been working on this - could be included in either of previous paragraphs (included the trials and tribulations. texture, penetration, smell, etc...

4. the result: a totally natural, entirely safe, totally proprietory formulation (with very basic description).

5. Talk about the success rate!!! - Get a quote to add here from a patient!!

6. Now you're expanding and need HELP, ask for the audience's help. Ask them a question also, (...maybe you have a freind or a sister or neice or daughter or daughter's friend who could use this product!!...etc)

Get involved! Help yourself while helping others:

Your participation moves all of us women closer to pain free period and...blah blah, so please, get involved for yourself..and for others!

If you are interested in participating in my trial survey and receiving the pelvic pain slave to test, please reach out to me at (Please note that you must be within the US to qualify.)You will be shipped a 1oz sample size jar of pelvic pain salve to use during your next menstrual period or whenever you experience pelvic pain. Once you’ve had an opportunity to test the salve, please make sure to fill out the online questionnaire you're sent. As a heartfelt thank you for your participation you will  be eligible for another jar of salve along with many future discounts.

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