What does a FREE consult look like? 

During a 20 minute phone or HIPPA Compliant virtual consult session, we will have the opportunity to briefly discuss your health history, and you'll learn how Chinese Medicine can benefit fertility and support IVF. With an integrative approach to nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle, recommendations are geared toward optimizing ovarian health and reproductive wellness. 
  • Brief medical history review
  • Nutritional support for fertility and IVF
  • Supplement recommendation for egg health/general fertility support
  • Lifestyle suggestions to boost your fertility!!
Email or text to schedule! klarabrown.acu@gmail.com, (917) 768-4662
Learn more about me Klara! and my experience in Women's Health, Fertility and IVF Support.
What's Included in a Full Consultation? 
If you wish to continue fertility coaching and support with me, recommendations are further customized according to each person’s unique health history. Herbal support suggestions and customized Chinese herbal prescriptions can only be made after a full and thorough health evaluation. 
  • In depth medical history review
  • Evaluation of any laboratory diagnostics (including blood work & ultrasounds) 
  • A personalized plan for your next steps
  • Detailed nutritional and lifestyle recommendations 
  • Supplement evaluation and advice
  • Customized herbal prescription (when appropriate) 
  • Guided acupressure technique and customized point selection
  • Ongoing email and text support 
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