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Uniquely Tailored Fertility Support

Patient centered holistic acupuncture and herbal treatment with personalized guidance for your fertility journey.

Experienced Approach + Care

In my experience, the best approach to what can often feel like a challenging fertility journey, is one in which my patients and I work closely to address any obstacles and create a clear path to optimizing reproductive health. Offering safe and experienced guidance with specialized holistic and integrative treatment, we will address important factors such as: 

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Getting Started

The first step is your Initial Consultation, involving an in depth health review and discussion that examines health history goals, dietary and lifestyle analysis, and Q&A. I work closely with you to explore the specific and wide range of factors that might be affecting fertility across every aspect of life. ⁣ Based on these important details of your body and health state, we formulate a course of holistic treatment that aims to resolve and restore any imbalances in order to enhance fertility and improve your chances of conceiving. Your customized treatment plan that will include in person acupuncture, targeted supplements, Chinese herbal prescription, and/or continued virtual fertility coaching where applicable.

This is an important, intimate and often vulnerable journey - and it's one we will take together. 

Dr Klara Brown

Hands On Care

We commence hands on care, with customized in-person acupuncture sessions to provide ongoing support every step of the way. Treatments are tailored to your unique constitution and appropriate to the point in your cycle, as well as any other medical reproductive care you may be receiving such as IUI or IVF. Targeted acupuncture aides the body in improving uterine and reproductive environment, and tending to the emotional body with stress relief and management. My dedicated time with you each visit allows for checking in on your progress, discussing any questions or concerns, making any needed adjustments to your herbal or supplement regime, continued lifestyle and dietary coaching, and emotional support.



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I have been working with Klara for nearly a year now and I feel so lucky to have found such a gem. Klara has helped me through the worst year of my life, during which time I suffered from difficulty conceiving and multiple miscarriages. I don't know how I would have made it through some of those weeks without her. Though she practices from an eastern medicine standpoint, she is also incredibly knowledgeable about western medicine and the information that she provides is entirely consistent with what my doctors tell me. Most importantly, Klara is extremely warm, kind, and patient. When I am in her office, she devotes as much time to me as I need and I never feel as though I am just another patient in her practice. I am so grateful to Klara and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking alternative treatment for any condition.



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