Healing is a personal journey but also a partnership.

As a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist, specializing in Women's Health and Fertility, I have worked diligently for the past decade to support the men and women who put their trust in my expertise and care every day. Drawing upon the timeless virtues of Traditional Chinese medicine, I aim to help nourish, rebalance and always move health and wellness forward.

My passion lies in women’s health and gynecology where I believe in a highly integrative approach.

In my extensive work with fertility support, I have cultivated relationships with prominent fertility doctors at Cornell, CCRM, RMA, and NYU with whom I continue ongoing conversations and collaborations. In my experience, the highest quality of care and success comes from utilizing the best of both worlds and bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine in order to generate dynamic and effective treatment plans. The combined benefits of each can bring about a more potent and often long sought after result.

My mission is to support, educate, and empower women (and men) to take hold of their hormonal health, and their mental & emotional wellbeing.

I have a multifaceted approach that incorporates traditional Japanese acupuncture techniques, Chinese herbs, electro-acupuncture, cupping [See me in WELL+GOOD'S 5 Go-To Spots For Cupping Therapy In NYC ], moxibustion, and holistic dietary and lifestyle adjustments. The ability to pull from multiple disciplines has afforded me great results in the treatment of women’s health and infertility, emotional disorders, as well as men’s health. As a former licensed massage therapist, my tactile understanding of the body further equips me for thorough care of sports injuries, pain syndromes, and musculo-skeletal issues.