The 3 Month Fertility Plan

A Holistic Path To Optimized Fertility

The 3 Month Holistic Fertility Plan

The 3 Month Holistic Fertility Plan may have a cute ring to it, but when committed to, by both patient and practitioner, it is the most highly effective course of optimizing your fertility as well as your reproductive environment for conception and healthy pregnancy.   The plan, born from thousands of years of Chinese Medicine, modern clinical experience and my own 12+ years specializing in and treating women's health and Fertility, sets goals and a clear path to maximize egg quality, uterine environment, and hormonal balance with targeted acupuncture and customized herbal therapies as well as giving consideration to other important factors such as diet, exercise and stress management.     

This is an important, intimate and often vulnerable journey - and it's one we will take together. 


Who is this appropriate for?

Any woman that;

  • Is trying to conceive (TTC), whether you've already started or are planning to.
  • Is coming off birth control to TTC
  • Has a history of irregular cycles
  • Is over 35 TTC
  • Suspects infertility or unexplained infertility
  • Is recovering from or has a history of miscarriage 
  • Is preparing for assisted reproductive technologies such as IUI, IVF or egg freezing.  
  • Or any woman who just wants support and guidance on this journey!
MORE on how and why the plan works!

Navigating the path to conception can feel as overwhelming as it can joyful, anxiety ridden as exciting, and there is a wealth of information out there on the multitude of things you can do to prepare. The difficult part is knowing where to start and what advice is truly supportive and from a reliable source. For the many important questions that arise regarding “what should I eat”, “how should I exercise”, “what supplements do I take”, and “what else can I do?” the answers lie in the very foundations of human physiology as well as in the tenets of an ancient holistic medicine that has successfully helped women conceive for thousands of years and into the modern world.

Why 3 Months?

Let’s take a quick look at female reproductive physiology to better understand why certain timelines exist for preconception care. Folliculogenesis is the cyclic and dynamic developmental process by which ovarian follicles start from a reserve of dormant primordial follicles and grow into maturation, ready for the next ovulatory cycle. Within this journey of about 90 days, the quality of these developing eggs can be greatly affected by influences on their environment. Exposure to biological stressors and toxins create negative effects considered oxidative stress. These are things such as cigarettes, excessive alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, refined sugar, and exposure to endocrine disrupting pollutants in plastics, cleaning products, synthetic fragrances, and even makeup and skincare. Comparably, egg quality benefits from positive influences such as a nourishing nutrient dense diet, targeted antioxidants, and a healthy reproductive environment with proper blood flow.

Imagine planting a seed, you would provide it with plenty of sunshine, water, the right climate, and the most nourishing soil to give it the best chance at vibrant growth and maturation. Similarly, the timeless healing tradition of Chinese medicine highlights “tending the soil” when it comes to fertility and preconception care, as emphasizing one’s health in theses months before offers a window of opportunity for successful outcomes.

In the same regard, issues that may be preventing healthy conception need addressing - which this timeframe allows for detailed focus on factors such as:

  • Regular ovulation
  • Ample cervical fluid
  • Pain free periods
  • Bright red menstrual flow
  • Little to no PMS
  • Balanced mood

Deeper imbalances arising from PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, and other hormonal issues may take more time but can still be effectively addressed. Part of this in-depth approach is identifying where imbalances lie and helping the body achieve healthy homeostasis.

Tending the Soil for Preconception Care

Supporting egg quality is important for all women intending to conceive and even more so as women age, due to the increase in oxidative stress. In our modern world, it is more common that women look to get pregnant in their later 30's, and well into the 40's.

Preconception care is just as vital for women of any age coming off birth control, as the complete shut down of the hormonal system over many years can lead to delayed or absent cycles, in many cases has been a bandaid for deeper hormonal imbalances,  and the wait to see what happens post-pill can lead to enormous stress when planing to conceive. Beginning targeted hormonal support early on will ensure a smother transition into regular ovulation and more empowered journey in TTC.

In cases of infertility, particularly "unexplained infertility," whether suspected or diagnosed, this focus is all the more crucial to lay the foundation for improved natural conception outcomes, or where appropriate, prepare for western assisted reproductive treatments such as IUI, IVF or egg freezing.

Many women have experienced miscarriage, whether once or multiple times, and recovery is difficult on the whole system, both physical and mental/emotional. There is so much that focused holistic support offers in aiding the body to move forward by balancing hormones to help the system reset, improving the uterine and reproductive environment, and tending to the emotional body with stress relief and management. Together we can create a path forward to prepare for conception and pregnancy again.  

By focusing on the most essential factors, based on the principles of classical Chinese medicine and modern fertility research, we can prepare the body for conception with the most optimal environment from focused support and nourishment over the course of 3 months.

The 3 Month Holistic Fertility Plan will empower you with necessary pillars to your best health:

  • A nourishing fertility focused, and hormone balancing diet
  • Recommendations for the right form and amount of movement/exercise
  • Stress management
  • Targeted & appropriate supplements
  • Customized herbal therapy
  • Regular acupuncture

Once these foundations are in place the system is functioning in optimal vitality, and your body will be the most opportune place for healthy conception and pregnancy to happen.

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